If you’re one of those scuba divers who prefer to explore wrecks, then you should do scuba diving Key Largo style. Florida has a nice and long coastal line and several Keys, but if you’re up for a wreckage adventure then go for scuba diving Key Largo.

Despite the hurricanes that passed by this place, there’s no worry because the under water life hasn’t been that affected. It’s still living in the clear waters of the Keys. But what makes scuba diving Key Largo really distinct is because of the many wrecks that lay on the sandy bottom of the seas.

If you’re truly excited in wreck diving, then embark on this scuba adventure towards Duane, Bibb and Spiegel Grove. Before you dive in and explore these wreckage dive sites, have a background first of what is in store for you. Get to know these wrecks and you’ll truly enjoy your wreck dive.

Scuba Diving Key Largo’s Wreck Sites

The wrecks that befell the sands of Key Largo are good sites if you’re in the wreck diving escapade. There’s the USS Spiegel Grove, which is a 510 feet in length and 84 feet in width Landing Ship Dock (LSD32), and the US Coast Guard Cutters—Bibb and Duane which are 327 feet Treasury Class Cutters.

The USS Spiegel Grove is the largest ship intentionally sunk to become an artificial reef. It’s approximately two football fields long, and under the sea, it looks like a city with the marine creatures as its citizens. It sank at around 10AM on 17 May 2002. Though, they wanted it to sink in an upright position, it preferred to rest in an upside down position. Together with the Marine Group of Ft. Lauderdale, volunteers from the Key Largo dive community, and other divers around the country, they tried rolling it to a more dignified position, unfortunately, the attempts only made the ship roll to its side. Luckily, during the Hurricane Dennis in July 2005, the huge waves successfully rolled the ship upright and has been in that position ever since.

So, if the fish and other sea creatures enjoy their new home in Spiegel Grove, why not take a visit and take a look at it. Scuba diving Key Largo wouldn’t be complete without diving and swimming through this wreck. If you haven’t planned to go there yet, it’s time to add this in your itinerary, to experience a “rusty” adventure under the sea.